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Aren't they gorgeous?

The New Digs--May 2006
Front of the townhouse
The entryway
The living room
More living room
The kitchen--right side
The kitchen- left side
Dining room
Guest room
The screened porch
Christmas 2005
Helmet Guy
Jennie and Gordie Howe : )
Chrispie and Sid
Joyce Miller and Mother
Francie Jane
The Hot Rod and Helmet Guy Christmas 2005
Nancy Bling
Fun in Bradyville USA
Dan and Tim 2005
Big Red
Dan and Bambi 2005
Splish Splash !
Spiderman 2005
Lucie Kittie--she doesn't live in Bradyville, though
Chrispie and Bob Labor Day 2005
Francie Tim Dan Chrispie 2005
The Shooters 2005
Our resident Fish
Pepper and Nancy
Tim at the pool
Bradyville Homestead
Dan and Big Red
Thanksgiving 1999
Billie Jo, Betty, Julie, Becky, Steve, Betty F., Bill, Rugby





The Fishermen 2002

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