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The Beach--May 2005--Diva Central!
Diva Central
Chrispie the Bathing Beauty
Chrispie Dan Tim and...The Shark
Tim Dan and The Shark
Chrispie and Dan at Schooners
Sunset at Panama City Beach
Water Color
The Beach--July 2004--Diva Central!
Diva Central--Gulf Shores AL
Dan--the Great Fisherman!
Tim and Chrispie on the hunt
View from Diva Central
Francie Jane enjoying everything!
He floats in his boat...
and flies through the air!
Dan the pool boy
Chrispie hunting
Is this a mermaid???
The Beach--July 2003--Diva Central!
Francie Jane's at the beach, finally!
Chrispie and Julie at the pool
Shelly is truly enjoying herself!
Julie and the Fuzzy Navel...yum yum
Francie and Chrispie indulge
The Divas go to Shell Island
The Beach--July 2002--Diva Central!
Panama City, HERE WE ARE!
Diva Central under construction
Diva Central--gettin' there
Ahhhhhh--Diva Central
Diva Central and Moi
Yo, Chrispie!
Who's your friend, Chrispie?
And they're off...
Francie and Chrispie go parasailing
Ain't it the life, Francie Jane?
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