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Here are some pictures from our wonderful adventures at the Elephant Sanctuary.  We work hard but enjoy every minute of that hard work.  And everything we do there directly benefits these beautiful creatures.

Tarra and Scott

Chrispie and I went to the Elephant Sanctuary in September 2002 to participate in their Volunteer Day.  Along with four others we painted a section of the inner elephant fence.  The greatest thrill was our new friend, Tarra, who decided to accompany us while we worked.  She inspected the fence, walked up and down the hill (like the diva she is) and then joined us for lunch.  She wanted to be on our side of the fence, but it just was not to be.  However, we did enjoy her company so very much and felt privileged that she wanted to be with us.  Francie Jane and I went there for another volunteer day on May 24, 2003, and had a marvelous time with a marvelous group of other volunteers painting the fence on the new lake land.  Alas, we had no pachyderm supervisor that day.

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On May 24, 2003, Francie Jane and I (third and second from the right) went to the Elephant Sanctuary for Volunteer Day.  We painted the elephant fence on the new "lake land" as evidenced by the REALLY grubby clothes.  The volunteers were a diverse and motley crue but we all worked hard and had a wonderful time together.  The work is hard but so very rewarding since everything we do directly benefits the beautiful creatures that live at the sanctuary.  And soon there will be more elephants--Tina will be arriving this summer and three African elephants, Tange, Zula, and Flora will be arriving in the Fall.  How exciting!
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